Footprints healthcare solutions seeks to help you provide best care while ensuring rules and regulations are strictly adhered to. We enable healthcare providers and administrators to make the most effective clinical and business decisions

Patient Care & Experience

Gain visibility into patterns of movement through your facility.

Automate workflow of patients and caregivers. Reduce wait times, improve process flow, support way-finding and improve customer service to make the patient experience as positive as possible.

Medication Authentication and Control

Right medication for the right patient! More challenging in practice.

Maintain patient privacy, tether meds administrators to the drugs cabinet and adhere to safe custody regulations for effective bedside care.

Hand Hygiene

Monitoring hand cleaning stations at various touch points is a way of improving compliance to hand washing protocols.

Record users' identity and length of stay at the station, accumulate data and report hand hygiene scores. Improve compliance.

Asset & Inventory Management

Ensure your staff has the supplies they need, when and where they need them. Tag and track high demand items throughout the facility and reduce time lost searching for them.

Save valuable people time, valuable capital and deliver better care by making assets and storage cabinets location intelligent.