Logistics & Transportation

Footprints logistics mobility and transportation solutions dramatically enhances the efficiency of your business. Improved fleet management, optimisation of resources and information aided real time decision making helps you focus on matters that are important. All this without additional paperwork!

Air Travel Baggage

Airlines mishandle over 20 million bags per year.

Track baggage from check-in on departure till collection at destination and delight travellers. Our app allows travellers to track their baggages themselves!

Ground Support Equipment

Speed, productivity, and accuracy are important in ground handling services in order to minimize the turnaround time.
Digitally view physical movement of all ground support equipment in real time.

Operations Employees

Tracking your employees should be easy without invading privacy policies. With checkpoint integration, we update the nearest location of all employees.

Logistics Asset Management

The world is experiencing exploding international trade with associated logistics congestion.
Systematic asset management that tracks, services and extends useful life of assets while reducing environmental impact requires critical location data.

Spare Parts Management

Eliminating downtime losses in production or operations can contribute significantly to business profitability. Management of spare parts inventory is an important performance indicator.
Keep track of spare parts, their movements, warranty, synchronised across multiple locations, notify and manage inventory costs.

Field Service Management

Error free data capture in the field combined with real-time asset location information can result in productive field service management processes. Our scheduling technology enables your field teams and streamlines business operations. Field technicians are more productive and serve your customers better.

Access Control

Business can never be too prepared with security. Components that are vulnerable to physical security breaches can jeopardise the core of your business. Our access control systems allow only the entry of authenticated and authorized personnel and vehicles into secure spaces.