Footprints retail solutions helps you improve your customer experience. We support your order fulfillment programs. Gain best-in-class online operations and peak store productivity.

Maximum Order Fulfilment

Inventory counts are a tedious exercise done manually. Inaccuracy results in lost sales and wasted working capital.

We enable you to find every last piece of merchandise available with you so your customers can find what they want.

Keep Customers Coming Back

Infuse store with smart technology!

Create seamless interactions between your products and in-store digital experiences. Create interactive in-store digital experiences that are aware of the products shoppers are handling.


Accustomed to insights from websites. Same actionable data is now available from physical stores.

Drive intelligent business decisions about merchandising, shopper behaviour and more with accurate data about the location, movement, history, and identity of products. Re-imagine business growth with improved demand forecasting, dynamic pricing and in-store marketing.

Automated Checkouts

Create checkout tunnels to instantly scan and bill all items in the basket as it passes through.

Eradicate queuing, improve service experience and automate payments.

Store Space Planning

Not all parts of a store are created equal. Visual merchandising is important. Impulse buying is based on an attractive product display.

Optimize your merchandizing in the store, map out floor performance and boost sales as a result.