Footprints hospitality solutions is all about personalisation and enhancing guest experiences. We help you deliver quality and innovative services to customers and gain brand loyalty.

Drive Customer Loyalty

Enhance customer experience through personalisation. Offer Footprints enabled member cards to your frequent guests. Enable easy access to rooms and the benefits based on loyalty. Gather substantial insights into guests' preferences, behavioural and spending patterns

In-room Assets Management

Guests sometimes feel the need to carry souvenirs for memories from your hotels. Tag and manage high end furnishings, electronic gadgets, fine china, silverware and other valuable in-room assets. Reduce shrinkage. Maximise return on investments.

Laundry Management

Lost items and billing discrepancies are major challenges in managing the guest laundry. In-room items are used and re-used regularly and therefore need to be cleaned properly. Ensure clean laundry or safety stock are always available. Take proper care of laundry assets!

Employee Management

Optimise staff management for increased productivity.

Improve interactions between guests and employees at resorts, check location of employees, mark attendance and manage access to critical areas. Send maintenance and emergency alerts sent in real-time.

Alternate Minibar

Ready to ditch the antiquated mini-bar in favour of something better?

Create grab and go, automated and unmanned mini market that is open 24/7. Welcome great new customer experience without operational challenges.

Taste of Traceability

Add a unique identifier and online connectivity to every item. Dramatically improving inventory management, productivity, traceability, sustainability and customer satisfaction.

Creates advanced models for fulfilment and replenishment. Reduce labour and food waste through faster response times.

Crowd Management

Managing large crowds at resorts and events is a very complex, challenging and costly exercise.

With accurate and real-time data for on-the-spot crowd support and timely retrospective data to create a future competitive edge, deliver stress-free consumer experiences.

Sponsor/ Partner Engagements

Win over event sponsors by using data to prove ROI

Streamline fan engagement and data collection at entry and craft more creative engagements. Target specific groups of fans with relevant adverts on multiple digital channels.